Saturday, January 22, 2011

Demon Wind

Since the temperature outside in Cleveland was hitting single digits, I decided that tonight was the perfect night to sit down with a movie that has been on my checklist for a long time. Demon Wind came in the mail on VHS this afternoon and I was more than pleased. My room was glowing blue from the VCR as I cracked open a beer and sat down with some pizza to warm up. I pressed play and never looked back.

Demon Wind tells the story of a troubled young adult named Cory (Eric Larson) and his quest to discover his families dark past at an old farm in the middle of nowhere. Cory drags his hapless girlfriend and arsenal of friends, including two random magicians, to their own personal hell.

First off, the writing was terrible. Nothing really had much of a reason or an explanation. "Main" characters were being brought into the story thirty minutes into the movie. I still enjoyed the storyline for the main reason it had that 1980's goal oriented plot. Most of the movie it felt like I was watching a video game unfold. Again, that is not particularly a bad thing in my mind. Next we have the acting... or lack of acting. Each character seemed to sink lower and lower to a new level of incompetence. My favorite is when the first victim is taken. She is turned into a bloody doll by a nasty little demon girl and nobody seems to care. The story literally takes a five second halt before continuing on like it never happened.

All of this aside, I will be damned if this isn't a delightful romp through the hills of hell. The makeup was disgusting, the gore was plentiful, the audio work was reminiscent of Evil Dead, and there was the perfect amount of gropage. If you are a fan of Night Of The Demons, Demons or Evil Dead, you will enjoy this movie.

This movie has not yet hit DVD and I don't know if it ever will officially but the VHS is available on and bootleg DVDs have been spotted on I will leave you with the amazing artwork from the VHS case and the poster.

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