Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 5 Slimiest Movies

5. SQUIRM (1976)
 Waist high in worms. Thank you Jeff Lieberman.

4. SLIME CITY (1988)
 Look at the title. Not the best movie but I couldn't resist putting it on here. Still waiting to see the sequel that was made last year. Check out the site for Slime City Massacre here.

3. THE KINDRED (1987)
 A recent favorite of mine, this movie boasts a scene where a generous amount of slime is running down all the walls. Kind of hard to find but totally worth it.

2. FROM BEYOND (1986)
I couldn't have a slime list without having Stuart Gordon's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond. From skin with  the consistency of clay to giant worms swallowing Jeffrey Combs, this is a movie to be admired.

1. STREET TRASH (1987) 
This movie has to be at the top of this list for the main reason it has homeless people melting from the inside out after drinking bum wine. Drink Viper responsibly!

*Got another slimy movie? Post a comment and let me know! There are plenty more movies that could make this list but these are just a few of my favorite and I wanted to stick to mainly horror.

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